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Hurray, the new website is finally live! The new updates have been a great challenge for our small (yet savvy) team. 
What's new? Our own collaborative multi-media OPEN DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH, for one. 180,000 entries, with strong focus on learning and providing usage based information. Video snippets, audio from around the world, images, hundreds of usage examples, definitions from different sources, idioms, tutoring comments, images, translations... the list goes on and on!

We also now offer quizzes that make the spelling aspect optional (meaning-based choices). I will blog about the underlying technology in the future, when I have a bit more time at hand.

Oh, and did you notice that we offer FREE tutoring now? Not just free trial, but free FREE? 

Let us know what you think! And stay tuned, since lots of new updates are already in the works. Now that the major site transition is over, add-ons and upgrades will happen on a daily basis again, so keep those ideas and feedback coming!

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