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We have a lot of members who prepare for the National Spelling Bee, so this article about a Vocabulary Bowl held by I.B. Tigrett Middle School in Jackson, Tennessee, was brought to our attention: http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/Vocabulary-Bowl-Tests-Students-Knowledge-199199441.html What stood out was the method by which they helped their students prepare: A select group of academic/SAT-type words was featured on notes posted throughout the school. Every time a student used one of the words in conversation, it was recognized and rewarded, kind of like a verbal Easter Egg hunt. What a great way to turn learning vocabulary into a social game!
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2 Responses to Verbal Easter Egg Hunt – How Schools Can Teach Vocabulary

  1. what do learning credits do?
    what are learning credits?
    what do you do with learning credits?
    can learning credits be used as real money?

    • admin says:

      Learning credits are part of our Pay-Per-Result concept, that is available to schools.
      Here, you don’t pay for a membership or license, but buy “learning credits.” You are using all the Premium features and pay a learning credit only if a word that used to be hard for you successfully completed the practice cycle, meaning that you learned it using LearnThatWord. That’s the only thing you pay for — results!

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