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”Why do large vocabularies characterize executives and possibly outstanding men and women in their fields?” 

 asked Johnson O’Connor, who researched how talent and learning affect performance. 

”The final answer seems to be that words are the instruments by means of which men and women grasp the thoughts of others and with which they do much of their own thinking. They are the tools of thought.”

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Your success in most every area of life is directly connected to your level of vocabulary knowledge.

If you don't know a lot of English vocabulary, you will struggle. 

If you know a lot of words, and have a lot of verbal confidence, you will be able to understand, learn, and express yourself better. Other people will be more inclined to respect and follow you, and you will be more successful in whatever you do.

Good News

Research shows that everyone can improve their vocabulary. Your brain is never too old (or too young) to learn. Just because you might have found it hard to learn English Words in the past does not mean that you can't do it: It just means you applied the wrong strategies, and used a system that did not work.

Don't feel discouraged if you are just starting to learn English or have struggled with English words all your life. You CAN reach a high level of competence without a lot of struggle.

Of course, like everything in life, vocabulary improvement takes long-term effort. You have to make a commitment to practice regularly and to take your goals seriously.

You searched for "vocabulary sentences," so you understand the importance of vocabulary improvement. Please read on to learn more about how LearnThatWord can help you.

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Words are symbols for ideas. 
It takes confident command of the English language to communicate effectively. Wrong word usage or spelling mistakes will discredit your ideas. 
It will also limit the respect you will earn for your knowledge.

If your vocabulary is weak, you will understand less of the world around you and people will understand you less. 
Even if you are a genius, other geniuses with better verbal skills will be hired and promoted ahead of you. With the number of favourable jobs declining every year, this something you don't want to take lightly.

According to a survey of company executives the most important skill a job applicant can possess (and the skill most often found lacking) is the ability to communicate effectively.

A large vocabulary helps you organize your thoughts with clarity and distinction.

Building word power is a lifelong, ongoing process, and LearnThatWord is the perfect tool to guide you along.

If you are sure of what you know your confidence will nurture everything you say, write or do.

In addition, every dollar you invest in yourself supports our global literacy campaigns.