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Your Goal Setting: Learn vocabulary/spelling
Learn vocabulary/spelling

Just pick a grade level. WordGenie™ has sorted words by grade level, frequency, and difficulty, and advances you by logical steps.

It’s best to start 2-3 grades lower than your actual grade.
The right grade is where you get around 80% of words right.
Adjust your grade at any time!

Building a good foundation does pay off! You’ll advance faster and with better results.

You are here right now.
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grade 4

Change your grade level in preferences if you would like to see easier or harder words.

You know you’re at the right level if you get 8 out of 10 words right.

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grade level college
Translation: Spanish

We offer translations of the word in 37 languages.

Click through the “translate” link in the dictionary.

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Vocabulary words are added to VOCABULARY quizzes.