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Idioms for 'Luck'

as luck may have it by chance, luckily
as luck would have it As it happened; how it turned out; by good fortune; fortunately or luckily.
bad luck ill-fortune
beginner's luck refers to the supposed phenomenon of novices experiencing disproportionate frequency of success or succeeding against an expert in a given activity. One would expect experts to outperform novices - when the opposite happens it is counter-intuitive, hence the need for a term to describe this phenomenon.
devil's luck astounding good luck.
down on one's luck Unlucky or undergoing a period of bad luck, especially with respect to financial matters.
good luck with that An expression wishing someone success in an unlikely enterprise.
luck in To experience good luck; to be fortunate or lucky.
luck of the draw The random production of favorable or unfavorable results; chance.
luck of the draw A selection rife with low odds of winning. A game of chance. Luck associated with one's propensity for winning.
luck out To experience great luck; to be extremely fortunate or lucky.
luck out To have run out of luck.
out of luck Experiencing a temporary misfortune.
push one's luck To take an excessive risk or to attempt some task unlikely to succeed, especially after having already been unexpectedly lucky.
ride one's luck To avoid failure only by good fortune.
shit out of luck When one has attempted to gain something, either tangible or not, and the attempt failed, either through denial, missed opportunity, etc.
shit out of luck Completely out of luck; in unfortunate circumstances such that all options for achieving one's goal are exhausted; unlucky; screwed.
streak of good luck A series of lucky events.
the luck of the draw One Draws Straws, WIN! OR LOSE!, It's The 'Luck Of The Draw!
tough luck Bad luck.
try one's luck To make a risky attempt.
with any luck it is hoped that; hopefully