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12 - Rewards

How about a bit of extra motivation?

Our rewards always acknowledge EFFORT, not existing skill. It's the effort that will move you forward, no matter where you are today.

Prizes (premium feature)
Rewards (premium feature)



Win fantastic prizes simply by studying! The more you study, the better your chances at winning. 

Here's how it works: Every 50 words studied = 1 Lucky Number. 
You can see your Lucky Numbers in your student portal. Blue ones qualify for one drawing, green ones for two, and black numbers have expired. 
At certain intervals, we hold a raffle to determine the winners.

Annual prizes

The 2014/15 drawing was held on 5/31/2015, and the winners have been notified. Sponsor conversations for future prizes are still pending, but any Lucky numbers earned on 6/1 or after will be eligible.
Sign up for premium tutoring now and get to work! 
Good luck!

Man watching leatherback turtle at Playa Viva

1. PRIZE: 

Eco-luxe vacation at Playa Viva

Includes 5 days for 2 adults and 2 children in the Deluxe Suite at Mexican beach resort Playa Viva (regularly $1,875), including all meals and beverages, yoga sessions, a 200 acre nature reserve and a mile-long private beach with turtle sanctuary.  Click to learn more!

2nd-5th prize:

10-year LearnThatWord memberships 

10 years of unlimited LearnThatWord tutoring... enough to become a verbal genius!
A $299 value each.



Every time you complete a quiz, you earn nuggets and sparks.

12 nuggets + 1 spark = 1 coin (simply click the "Make Coins" button).

Once you have coins to spend, you choose your rewards:

-    Watch an episode of LaLinea, a cartoon classic.
-    Play a fun game.
-    Add free learning credits, get coupons, add currency to your social network.

nugget graphic Earn a nugget for every word you study.
Get a yellow learning spark for learning a practice word (you entered it correctly over three subsequent quizzes).
blue spark Pay attention for blue sparks! To get one answer 10 words in a row correctly, or master a practice word with the minimum three attempts. 


Advance through 23 breathtaking levels of verbal savvy, documented by customized diplomas. Mouse over your level in the options bar (lower part of quiz) or print your diplomas by accessing them under "my account".

As always, we reward EFFORT, not existing skill. Diplomas reflect how much energy you invested at LearnThatWord. And yes, it's okay to show off a little!

Race your friends, word-style

Form your own team and race your friends to the top spot! 


Got feedback or ideas?
Do you know of another fun way to boost motivation?
Another great organization to sponsor cool prizes?

Please send us an email!

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