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Academic vocabulary and GRE prep

Building an advanced vocabulary

LearnThatWord prepares you to master the more academic vocabulary you will encounter in college and then gets you ready for the next hurdle - the GRE exam.

LearnThatWord's GRE vocabulary study module also incorporates the 1,000 most commonly misspelled words of the English language. You'll graduate as the one that gets it right, every time!

In addition to the program-generated tutoring lessons aiming to build your academic, college-level English, you can always upload lists of unknown words that cross your path in your life as a book worm. LearnThatWord will incorporate them into your study profile and will quiz them with priority, repeating them until they are reliably memorized.

Unlimited tutoring

And what is your next goal? LearnThatWord will grow with you for as long as you decide to be a member.
Did you know that 30% of our members are adults?

Used as part of your continuing education plan, LearnThatWord will give you a verbal advantage in life. Furthermore, it will help you stay mentally fit and build your memory skills.