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Sponsors, partners, awesome people!

A project of's dimensions is only possible with many generous supporters:

Sponsors and partners
Volunteers, donors, and supporters

Sponsors and partners

The following organizations have given in-kind and/or financial support in (in alphabetical order):
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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AWS allows us to quickly scale our servers while paying only for actual usage.

A generous AWS in Education in-kind grant has supported our free tutoring program, Vocabulary Junction, as well as our Word Cup event.

Brigham Young University (BYU)
Exchange Bank Sebastopol

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The Google Grant program helps nonprofits to become more successful at what they do and allows them to effectively reach out to the community and have a larger impact. In addition, Google is supporting nonprofits with a free YouTube channel and a free Google Apps account. 

LearnThatWord has also been part of the Google Apps Marketplace for Education since launch.

Haiku Learning
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Haiku Learning is a very popular and user-friendly K-12 learning management platform, and has supported LearnThat Foundation in numerous ways.

K5 Learning
Oxford University Press, US
Playa Viva

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Playa Viva is an eco-luxe resort on the Mexican coast. Combining sustainable business practices with a social mission, Playa Viva has generously donated a wonderful first prize to our annual drawing -- five days of carefree eco-vacation for 2 adults and 2 children!

Come check out our prizes & rewards and visit Playa Viva's website!

Princeton University/WordNet 3.0

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Salesforce provides nonprofits with free enterprise Salesforce accounts to help manage the organization's relationships with its audience.

South Asian Spelling Bee
Vertical Response


Volunteers, donors, and supporters

Special thanks to our volunteers and donors (listed in alphabetical order)

Nancy and Harold Allen
Joan Ambrosini
Deneen Babin
Alyssa Barnes
Sue Bartel
Abigail Beal
Ninva Bitmansour
Gregory Butler
Bo Bryant
Joseph Caguioa
Erica Corwell
John Dierke
Brooks Dyer 
Iman Egwaoje
Alana Farr
Billie Sue Fischer
Hayley German Fisher
Joni Finkel
Erica Freeman
Adria Frenzel
Kathy Gaylord
Elizabeth Gleadall
Zahra and Michael Goldbach 
Travonda Green
Stephanie Guyer-Stevens
Gregory K. Hartman
David and Joelle Hoffman
Stephanie Hoffman
Marlon and Kathy Housman 
Amy Humbert
Naomi Hupert
Igzactly Inc.
Marolyn E. Janes
Douglas and Ann Jordan
Chris Kantor
Joshua Katz
Steven Level
Matthew Levine
Natasha Lewin
Andrea Linton
Vanessa Loh
Cynthia Lok
Michelle Lua
Mary and Charles Luttenton 
Marion and Christy Lynch
Miecko Malone
Chris McDonough
Maralyn Olson
Ellen P.
Jane Panzer
James Pennington
Allan Peterson
Stefan Reh
Joce Richmond
David Riddle 
Dorothy Rodella
Heather Rutkowski
Jim and Shannon Seven
Julie Renee Skinner
Shelley Starr
Suyin Stein
Cliff Stephens
Jeannette Steward
Kimberly Stickland
Jasmina Thompson
Stefanie Tomlinson
Colton James Topelo
Katia and Doug Vincent
Sheryl Wragg
Dixon Wragg
Diandra Wright



Note from the founder:

First and foremost, I owe special thanks
to my daughter Tiamat, who has been
a constant source of inspiration and
encouragement. It is not easy to live
with someone who becomes absorbed
in a project of this size.
Especially not if it's your mom!
Thank you for always believing in me.

Special thanks also to our board members:

Michael Goldbach, Naomi Hupert,
Stephanie Guyer-Stevens, and Billie Sue
Fischer, as well as our inner circle of
early supporters: Marta and Kuno Reh,
Stefan Reh, Roswitha Reh, Ninva Bitmansour,
Dana Sandu, and the tribe.