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List of English Suffixes

Our suffix word lists are the second part of our comprehensive root word tables:

Suffixes are word endings that add a certain meaning to the word.

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Suffix lists learned the easy way

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In gambling, various suffixes are often used to describe specific types of bets, games, or outcomes. Here are some common suffixes used in gambling terminology:

-ette/-et/-etto: Used in https://fair-go-casino.org/ games like roulette (a game of chance where players bet on which numbered compartment a small ball will come to rest in after spinning around a wheel) and bracket (a type of bet where players predict the outcome of multiple matches or events).

-ball: Commonly used in games like football (soccer), basketball, baseball, etc., to denote the type of ball or sport involved in a particular bet or game.

-jack: Often used in games like blackjack (a card game where players try to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 points as possible without exceeding it) and hi-lo blackjack (a variation of blackjack where players bet on whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the previous one).

-pot: Used in https://lincoln-casino.org/ games like jackpot (the highest possible prize in a game or lottery) and sweepstakes (a type of contest or game where prizes are awarded to randomly selected winners).

-line/-sweep: Used in games like tagline (a type of bet where players predict the final score or outcome of a sporting event) and clean sweep (a bet where a player wins all available bets in a particular game or event).

-out/-over: Used in games like knockout (a type of bet or tournament where players are eliminated after losing a match) and over/under (a type of bet where players wager on whether the total score of a game or event will be above or below a specified number).

-back/-lay: Used in betting exchanges like LoonieOnlineSlots.com , where players can back (bet on) or lay (bet against) particular outcomes in a sports event or other betting market.

These are just a few examples of suffixes commonly used in gambling terminology. The suffixes often denote specific types of bets, games, or outcomes, helping to categorize and describe various aspects of the gambling experience.

Suffix Meanings Sample Words and Definitions
list -able able to be excitable, portable, preventable
list -ac pertaining to cardiac, hemophiliac, maniac
list -acity (-ocity) quality of perspicacity, sagacity, velocity
list -ade  act, action or process, product blockade, cavalcade, promenade,
list -age action or process passage, pilgrimage, voyage
list -aholic (-oholic) one with an obsession for workaholic, shopaholic, alcoholic
list -al relating to bacterial, theatrical, natural
  -algia pain neuralgia, nostalgia,
list -an (-ian) relating to, belonging to Italian, urban, African
list -ance state or quality of brilliance, defiance, annoyance
list -ant a person who applicant, immigrant, servant
    inclined to, tending to brilliant, defiant, vigilant
list -ar of or relating to, being lunar, molecular, solar
    a person who beggar, burglar, liar
list -ard a person who does an action coward, sluggard, wizard
list -arian a person who disciplinarian, vegetarian, librarian
list -arium (orium) a place for terrarium, aquarium, solarium
list -ary of or relating to literary, military, budgetary
list -ate state or quality of (adj.) affectionate, desolate, obstinate
    makes the word a verb (different pronunciation) activate, evaporate, medicate
list -ation action or process creation, narration, emancipation
list -ative tending to (adj.) creative, preservative, talkative
list up -cide act of killing homicide, suicide, genocide
list -cracy rule, government, power bureaucracy, aristocracy, theocracy
list -crat someone who has power aristocrat, bureaucrat, technocrat
list -cule diminutive (making something small) molecule, ridicule,
list -cy state, condition or quality efficiency, privacy, belligerency
list -cycle circle, wheel bicycle, recycle, tricycle
list -dom condition of, state, realm boredom, freedom, wisdom
list -dox belief, praise orthodox, paradox
  up -ectomy surgical removal of appendectomy, hysterectomy
list -ed past tense called, hammered, laughed
list -ee receiver, performer nominee, employee, devotee
list -eer associated with/engaged in engineer, volunteer
list -emia blood condition anemia, hypoglycemia, leukemia
list -en makes the word a verb awaken, fasten, strengthen
list -ence state or condition, action absence, dependence, negligence
list -ency condition or quality clemency, dependency, efficiency
list -ent inclined to performing/causing, or one who performs/causes competent, correspondent, absorbent
list -er more bigger, faster, happier
    action or process flutter, ponder, stutter
    a person who does an action announcer, barber, teacher
list -ern state or quality of eastern, northern, western
list up -escence state or process adolescence, convalescence
list -ese relating to a place Chinese, Congolese, Vietnamese
list -esque in the style of Kafkaesque, grotesque, burlesque 
list -ess female actress, heiress, lioness
list -est most funniest, hottest, silliest
list -etic relating to (makes the word an adj.) athletic, energetic, poetic
list -ette diminutive (makes something smaller) cigarette, diskette, kitchenette
list -ful full of helpful, thankful, cheerful
list -fy make, cause (makes the word a verb) amplify, falsify, terrify
list -gam/gamy marriage, union monogam, polygamy
list -gon/gonic angle hexagon, polygonic, pentagon
list -hood state, condition, or quality childhood, neighborhood, motherhood
list up -ial relating to celestial, editorial, martial
list -ian relating to Martian, utopian, pediatrician
list -iasis diseased condition elephantiasis, psoriasis
  -iatric healing practice pediatric, psychiatric,
list -ible able to be audible, plausible, legible
list -ic/ical relating to, characterized by analytic/al, comic/al, organic
list -ile relating to, capable of agile, docile, volatile
list -ily in what manner sloppily, steadily, zanily
list -ine relating to canine, feminine, masculine
list -ing materials bedding, frosting, roofing
    action or process dancing, seeing, writing
list -ion action or process celebration, completion, navigation
list -ious having the qualities of, full of ambitious, cautious, gracious
list -ish relating to, characteristic apish, brutish, childish
list -ism state or quality altruism, despotism, heroism
list -ist a person, one who does an action artist, linguist, pianist
list -ite resident of, follower, product of suburbanite, luddite, dynamite
list -itis inflammation, preoccupation appendicitis, tonsillitis, frontrunneritis
list -ity state, condition, or quality abnormality, civility, necessity
list -ive inclined to; quality of; that which attractive, expensive, repulsive
list -ization act or process of making colonization, fertilization, modernization
list -ize cause, treat, become antagonize, authorize, popularize
list -less without fearless, helpless, homeless
list -let version of booklet, droplet, inlet
list up -like resembling, characteristic childlike, homelike, lifelike
list -ling younger or inferior duckling, underling
list -loger/logist one who does astrologer, cardiologist, chronologer
list -log speech dialog, monolog,
list -ly in what manner badly, courageously, happily
list -ment action, result movement, placement, shipment
list -ness state or quality (makes a noun) kindness, shyness, weakness
list -oid resembling humanoid, tabloid, hemorrhoid
list up -ology study of, science of anthropology, archaeology, biology
list -oma tumor, swelling carcinoma, osteoma, hematoma
list -onym name, word synonym, antonym, homonym
list -opia eye defect myopia, nyctalopia, hyperopia
list -opsy examination biopsy, autopsy, necropsy
list -or a person who inventor, legislator, translator
list -ory relating to armory, dormitory, laboratory
  -osis process, diseased condition diagnosis, prognosis, neurosis, psychosis
list -ostomy/otomy surgical colostomy, lobotomy, craniotomy
list -ous full of hazardous, humorous, wondrous
list up -path one who engages in homeopath, naturopath, psychopath
  -pathy feeling, diseased sympathy, apathy, neuropathy
list -phile one who loves bibliophile, audiophile, pyrophile
list -phobia abnormal fear of acrophobia, claustrophobia, xenophobia
list -phone sound homophone, telephone, microphone
  -phyte plant, to grow zoophyte, cryptophyte, epiphyte
list -plegia paralysis paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia
  -plegic one who is paralyzed paraplegic, technoplegic, quadriplegic
  -pnea air, spirit apnea, hyperpnea, orthopnea
list -scopy/scope visual exam arthroscopy, gastroscopy, microscope
list -scribe/script to write transcript, describe, manuscript
list -sect to cut dissect, insect, bisect
list -ship state or condition of, skill of authorship, citizenship, friendship
list -sion state or quality confusion, depression, tension
list -some characterized by, group of cumbersome, quarrelsome, foursome
list -sophy/sophic wisdom, knowledge philosophy, theosophy, anthroposophic
list up -th state or quality depth, length, strength
list -tion state or quality attention, caution, fascination
list -tome/tomy to cut hysterectomy, epitome, tonsillotome
list -trophy nourishment, growth atrophy, hypertrophy, dystrophy
list -tude state, condition or quality fortitude, gratitude, magnitude
list -ty state, condition or quality ability, honesty, loyalty
list -ular relating to or resembling cellular, circular, muscular
list -uous state or quality of arduous, tumultuous, virtuous
list -ure action, condition closure, erasure, failure
list -ward specifies direction backward, eastward, homeward
list -ware things of the same type or material hardware, software, kitchenware
list -wise in what manner or direction clockwise, lengthwise, otherwise
list up -y made up of, characterized brainy, fruity, gooey

Suffix lists learned the easy way