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About LearnThatWord


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Who we are

Parents, educators, English learners, and writers started LearnThat Foundation in 2004. We were united by endless hours spent practicing vocabulary and spelling, either by ourselves or with our children, often with disheartening results.

Since we couldn't find an effective solution, we set out to create it. 

Our manifesto


We build literacy, one word at a time, 
through free tutoring and rich online resources.
We empower people to develop the skills
 they need to pursue their goals with confidence.  


Low verbal skills are the invisible cause
of many pressing problems. 
By enriching minds we change lives.


We design and optimize tutoring sessions 
for each member's personal needs.


Our Open Dictionary of English (ODE) is an infinite,
living resource that grows every day. ODE is free forever.


The ODE celebrates English as a global language,
and cherishes its nuances and flavors. 


We refine our program each and every day,
with humble awareness that we will never be "finished." 


Our vision and ambition is inspired by the human brain
and its infinitely creative and resourceful ways.


Our members' input and scientific research are
our main sources of wisdom and drive our program.

Join us!

LearnThatWord is a collaborative project and needs you!

Become an editor, support our initiatives or connect to us social media style.  Welcome to the journey!

Board of Directors

Our Board is a diverse alliance of individuals who care about education.

Rosevita Warda is President of LearnThat Foundation. Her personal experience learning English as a second language and helping her daughter with homework fuels her passion for LearnThatWord. She has leveraged nearly 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to successfully develop and manage LearnThat Foundation.
She has also published two books, and cherishes the power of words from a writer's/journalist's perspective.

Naomi Hupert is the Vice President of LearnThat Foundation.
A Senior Research Associate at the Education Development Center’s Center for Children and Technology, Naomi has professional experience with a range of evaluation and research projects that examine the role of technology in the lives of children and adults. Naomi holds a Masters of Science in Education, with a specialization in literacy and language-related learning disabilities.

Billie Sue Fischer has inspired LearnThat Foundation with her expertise gained as a teacher and writer/editor. eSpindle Learning owes a lot to her wisdom and inspiration. She is also a prolific singer and musician, and her first CD, All the Pretty Troubles, is available here.

Michael Goldbach has been a supporter from LearnThat foundation's very beginnings. A Microsoft executive with entrepreneurial background, he contributes valuable web and management expertise.