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Master commonly misspelled words

Personal coach increases your spelling power!

Do you know the 1,500 most commonly misspelled words in the English language? We do! LearnThatWord's customized spelling coach will make sure you'll get them right every time, while effectively building your active vocabulary.

If your spelling skills are pretty good, choose "Just quiz me on the most commonly misspelled words" at sign-up. LearnThatWord will then focus on practicing vocabulary words that are known "trouble makers."

Research has confirmed that over 13% of all English words must be considered "exceptions to the rule." These words are learned through memorization and the formation of Mental Orthographic Images (MOIs) through practice.

If you would like a broader tutoring focus, consider signing up for "I want to improve my English" as your preference. At any time you can add your own priority words for customized tutoring, and switch your preference settings.

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Spelling power is important

A powerful vocabulary is the single most important factor for academic achievement and success in life. According to a survey of CEO’s, the most important skill a job applicant can possess, and the skill most often found lacking, is the ability to communicate effectively and write correctly.

Another survey, focusing on the Human Resources (HR) Departments of major Fortune 500 companies (see our White Paper) found that over the last few years a distinct shift has taken place:
Spelling skills and proper use of grammar are receiving more and more attention in the job interview process.

In contrast to prior decades, many HR professionals now rate spelling skills higher than grade average or prior work experience in their decision making process!

Don't be caught in a "word trap"

A large vocabulary helps to organize your thoughts with clarity and distinction.
In the professional and private life success is often determined by one’s ability to present ideas, both orally and in written form.

LearnThatWord increases your familiarity with words you didn't know or weren't sure about. It helps you learn to use them with ease and confidence.
This makes it more fun to read, write and speak!
Don't let a word gap stop the stream of thoughts or feelings of insecurity stop your flow of words.

Build your vocabulary

Learning to spell is an important component of learning to write and learning to read. Key to building a winner's vocabulary is to pay attention to detail. Good spelling skills help the brain to distinguish between words and to relate to them in a broader context.

A powerful vocabulary is the single most important determinant for academic achievement and success in life. LearnThatWord is the most efficient learning tool on the market to help you build your word skills.

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Words are symbols for ideas. It takes confident command of the English language to communicate effectively.
Wrong word usage or spelling mistakes will discredit your ideas.

If your vocabulary is weak, you will understand less of the world around you and people will understand you less. Even if you are a genius, other geniuses with better verbal skills will be hired and promoted ahead of you. With the number of favorable jobs declining every year, this is something you don't want to take lightly. 

Spell checkers are part of the problem, not the solution

Some people say that computers have made the need for information storage in the brain unnecessary.
This is just as absurd as saying that we don’t need to exercise our bodies because cars, planes, washing machines etc. remove the need.
Please click here to read Eye halve a spelling checquer.

Nothing replaces a profound education. Your spellchecker catches mistakes sometimes—but not always. Spellcheckers give you a false sense of security, where only an active, alert mind can prevent errors.
Most certainly they will not be available to you during entry examinations, job interviews, presentations, or while writing a note.

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