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1 classroom

$ 199 .00 /year
up to 30 users

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$ 5 .50 per user/year
up to 1,000

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$ 3 .95 per user/year
up to 10,000
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1 classroom $199
additional users $0
Get 2 years for the price of 1!
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and receive a second year free.

The alternative: Pay-Per-Result

Give LearnThatWord premium features to everyone without buying licenses:

Pay-Per-Result tokens allow you to only
pay for measured learning results!

There’s no charge for taking quizzes, premium features, or words already known.
It’s an administrator’s dream come true! A 100% measured and documented
return on your investment is guaranteed!

cents per token total
500 tokens 17 ¢ $85
1,000 tokens 15 ¢ $150
2,000 tokens 12 ¢ $240
3,000 tokens 10 ¢ $300
5,000 tokens 9 ¢ $450
25,000 tokens 8 ¢ $2,000
100,000 tokens 7 ¢ $7,000
250,000 tokens 6 ¢ $15,000
1,000,000 tokens 4 ¢ $40,000
3,000,000 tokens 3 ¢ $90,000

Teacher and student accounts are free.
So is unlimited LearnThatWord tutoring.

Upgrading to Premium (via licenses or our easy-to-administer
Pay-Per-Result tokens) adds detailed performance reporting,
spelling mode, rewards & prizes, and more!

A: Every student needs their own account for adaptive tutoring.
Get started.

B: Log in with the account that will administer the account.
Organization-wide purchases require an administrator account.


C: Check out using our secure payment portal. You can also fax your
purchase order to 888-766-3090 or email [email protected].

How Pay-Per-Result tokens work

A result (= 1 token) means a sponsored students has successfully
completed his/her personal practice cycle for a word that was
challenging at first attempt.

Watch our video

No matter if that student required 3 or 333 reviews to learn a
problem word long-term: we only deduct a token if the task was
completed successfully and the student masters the word reliably.

Every student starts out with 5 free tokens, and we support
schools with 100 complimentary tokens. Maximum annual expen-
diture is capped at 200 tokens x total number of students.

Detailed reports account for your investment, down to the indi-
vidual student level. Tokens can be shared and never expire.