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Idioms for 'Write'

nothing to write home about Not exceptional; not noteworthy or especially good.
write down Down in writing; to record something.
write down In a simple or condescending style.
write down To make a downward adjustment in the value of an asset.
write him off Dismiss, Pay No Attention, Ignore, Bypass, "Relegate To Recycle Bin",
write home about See nothing to write home about and something to write home about.
write home about Of significance.
write off To reduce an asset's book value to zero.
write off To record an expenditure as an expense.
write off To record an notional expense such as amortization or depreciation.
write off Figuratively, to assign a low value to something.
write off unrepairable car
write one's own ticket To be empowered to choose whatever job, financial arrangement, or course of action one desires.
write out To write in full length or expanded form.
write up review
write up To write about positively.
write up To document the faults of.
write up To produce by writing.