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Synonyms for Infinite (same or very similar meaning)

WordNet sense 1 (of verbs; having neither person nor number nor mood (as a participle or gerund or infinitive)):

WordNet sense 2 (that cannot be entirely consumed or used up):
inexhaustible, unlimited

WordNet sense 3 (infinitely great in number):

WordNet sense 4 (seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent):
boundless, limitless, unbounded

WordNet sense 5 (too numerous to be counted):
countless, innumerable, multitudinous, myriad, numberless, uncounted, unnumbered, innumerous, unnumberable, unnumerable

WordNet sense 6 (the unlimited expanse in which everything is located):

WordNet sense 7 (perfect or complete or pure):

From the ODE community, based on WordNetadd/edit