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Synonyms for Whirl (same or very similar meaning)

WordNet sense 1 (the shape of something rotating rapidly):
convolution, swirl, vortex

WordNet sense 2 (confused movement):

WordNet sense 3 (turn in a twisting or spinning motion):
twiddle, twirl

WordNet sense 4 (cause to spin):
spin, birl

WordNet sense 5 (fly around):
tumble, whirl around

WordNet sense 6 (flow in a circular current, of liquids):
eddy, purl, whirlpool

WordNet sense 7 (revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis):
gyrate, reel, spin around

WordNet sense 8 (a usually brief attempt):
crack, fling, go, offer, pass

WordNet sense 9 (the act of rotating rapidly):
twist, twisting

From the ODE community, based on WordNetadd/edit