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parents choice fdn  award

Parents' Choice Fdn.,
2006 award feature

Simply the best Vocabulary and Spelling website on the internet!

B. Preston, OR

I wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the program.

It is DRAMATICALLY assisting both of my children to EASILY learn how to spell words.

The best thing is that it requires little or no parental support beyond just making sure that they sit down and do their daily quiz for twenty minutes.

Periodically there is a squeal of joy when they conquer a word that has previously eluded them.

Amazingly a hated task is now one they actually seem to rather enjoy!

Mark Banister, UK

Easy and effective.


LearnThatWord has made it much easier to practice and also to learn the complex words given in spelling bees.

Studying really helps in spelling bees but LTW has changed the way I thought about studying and really learning.

I found LTW to be fun and extremely encouraging.

I use LTW to help me learn and practice. Their effective system has made it so I would call this website very helpful, creative, and useful for everything from homework help to learning English as a second language!

Even after the spelling bee is done I will still use LearnThatWord on a regular basis.

Anyone who has ever asked me about LearnThatWord knows that I love this website like a family. It makes me comfortable, ready, and excited for all the spelling bees to come.


Teacher's choice  award

Comments by the parent-teacher jury:

A fun and creative approach to the typical ways children learn vocabulary and spelling words.

I would certainly recommend the purchase of this product to families with children of ALL ages. This is great for at home learning!

It was easy to use and a great product for motivating my son to spell correctly.

The product is interesting/motivating for children.

They can practice words whenever they have time with no assistance from parents or teachers.

It remembers words my son missed on the previous quiz and asks him to spell the word again.

I think it is interesting. My daughter enjoyed seeing what she could spell and having the competitive aspect.

I really motivated my son to want to do his best on the quizzes.

2008 award feature

I urge everyone to check out this product as an alternative to tutors or hours of studying.

Twin Hills School Superintendent, Dr. Armstrong

LearnThatWord hit Spelling Jackpot!!!

B. Boren

Spelling is no longer a chore – in fact, the kids sometimes do more words just for fun (I only ask them to do 15 a day).

I love having the ability to add words – I add their vocabulary words and selected science and history words to make sure that they can spell these correctly too.

LearnThatWord takes very little time and gets results!

Jane Panzer

After researching many web sites, I found your organization—eSpindle—to be the best choice for Destin. Your site is clean, clear, and easy to navigate, and the tutor component is stellar.

V. Bolling

Super idea… Keep it up!

Your (and your team’s) hard work is surely paying off in terms of a viable online training tool.

I didn’t know ‘billet-doux,’ but the program made sure I did. Great!

Dave Riddle, 2005 National Senior Spelling Champion

Video: Who uses it

I didn’t realize how much I depend on this program…!

K. Cluff, Heber J. Grant Academy

I’m thrilled to have found LearnThatWord! My 6-year-old loves it and looks forward to it everyday!!

R. Hoffman

Video: 1 min. introduction

I think your service is one of the most unique and high-valued applications available on the web.

I appreciate your efforts a great deal.

C. Hansen

I am so happy that this system has motivated my son to do spelling.

The best part is he is learning but at the same time enjoying it thoroughly.


  • Learn vocabulary/spelling
    Learn vocabulary/spelling

    Just pick a grade level. WordGenie™ has sorted words by grade level, frequency, and difficulty, and advances you by logical steps.

    It’s best to start 2-3 grades lower than your actual grade.
    The right grade is where you get around 80% of words right.
    Adjust your grade at any time!

    Building a good foundation does pay off! You’ll advance faster and with better results.

  • My own list of words
    My own word lists

    Create your own word list or choose one from our archive.

    You can also email words to your account. It’s so easy, you can do it from your phone!

    If you choose this setting, only words that you added will be reviewed. No additional words are introduced.

  • Spelling Bee words
    Spelling Bee words

    Hugely popular, spelling bees are getting harder every year. Get ready for your big moment on stage!

    WordGenie™ amassed over 20,000 typical spelling bee words, including consolidated word list, paideia, and spell it lists. Every year we add new championship words.

    Focus on learning, while we manage your lists for you!

    Competing for the Scripps National Spelling Bee? Choose vocabulary quiz with added spelling coaching to prep for the vocabulary test.

  • SAT words
    SAT words

    Good college applications require high SAT or ACT scores.

    This module teaches over 5,000 words you need to know to get that high score.

  • Learn English (ELL)
    Learn English (ELL)

    Best choice for learning English as a foreign language.

    Don’t just learn the words in isolation: learn how to use them in context.

    Just pick a grade level. WordGenie™ has sorted words by grade level, frequency, and difficulty, and advances you by logical steps.

    Which grade level should you pick?
    Aim for an easy one, where you get 80-90% of the words right!
    You can always adjust up or down.

  • Commonly misspelled words
    Commonly misspelled words

    Bulletproof your spelling!

    Skip through over 2,000 commonly misspelled words to find those that give you trouble.

    Learn words for life, quickly!

  • Academic vocabulary/GRE
    Academic vocabulary/GRE

    Having an effective vocabulary, and spelling the words correctly, are crucial to your academic and professional success.

    When you speak and write accurately, people take you, and your message, more seriously.

    Use this module of over 2,000 words after completing the SAT or TOEFL module.

  • TOEFL vocabulary/for IELTS
    TOEFL vocabulary/for IELTS

    Over 7,000 words to prepare English language learners for TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE, and for success at an English-speaking institution.

    Sorted by frequency and difficulty.

  • I’m a teacher/school admin
    I’m a teacher/school admin

    Start a free teacher account and send words to your class, online or via email!

    Detailed reports make students’ speedy progress visible.

    Rich classroom features save teachers time and effort.

I am using your website as my personal coach. It is such an amazing program!


The first comprehensive, custom-tailored and effective approach to maximize the use of study time.

I very much recommend this program to complement any classroom curriculum!

California West County Unified School District

2 x innovation company

A million thanks for the great work you’re doing!

R. De Castro

Dear Friends at LearnThat.org, I am a homeschooling mom and I just love LearnThatWord.

I think it is the perfect spelling program for homeschoolers, and so much more effective than traditional programs.

I consider LearnThatWord the best kept secret in homeschooling circles, I think LearnThatWord is such an excellent tool!

Holly Robertson

An easy and quick way to learn spelling at your own pace. It’s lots of fun and rewarding, motivating me to do my best.


Video: Why vocabulary matters

I find that students are getting more and more skillful at “dodging” their assignments, especially in higher grades. The site provides tutoring with more ease and diligence than I could ever provide. Plus, I won’t miss administering and testing spelling word lists!

P. Judge

I have 2 children with learning disabilities. I just can’t believe I found this program. I feel so blessed!

M. Springman


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Learning how to spell used to take a lot of time, in the classroom and at home. Read on for a comparison of LearnThatWord and traditional techniques, and how it relates to "."

LearnThatWord provides a fast and effective solution to commit words to long-term memory.

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LearnThatWord (LTW)

Traditional spelling practice

LTW reviews words with the student for long-term automaticity via our adaptive learning algorithm.
Our Pay-Per-Result concept is a visible expression of our unique focus on results.

Long-term learning needs multiple review points, spaced out over time. Traditional learning cycles are often abandoned prematurely and learning is lost. Long-term learning gain is hard to measure.

Words are presented in many different formats and contexts. Our Open Dictionary of English (ODE) offers multi-media and 100s of usage examples!

Rote practice with only limited context makes learning hard, and frustrates students and teachers.

Follow our modules or add your own lists:  By replacing the typical study-test approach with the more dynamic test-study concept, students go through sessions designed from their learning profile. This focuses all energy on words that need review.

Word list limitations:
Students on average know as much as 75% of their spelling list, but are still obliged to spend their time and attention "studying" them. Independent exploration and study is not encouraged.

Advanced students quickly proceed to a challenging level that is appropriate for them.

Top students who know the words already receive neither the benefit of an enlarged vocabulary nor the mental stimulation derived from a challenge.

Supports all skill levels and multiple learning styles: Students can listen to audio files, see the word used in live video clips, and review it as often as needed to fully absorb the word's spelling and meaning. LTW never grows impatient or makes the student feel bad!

Less proficient spellers, including EFL or those with a learning disability, lag behind their peers and need a lot more tutoring - a need that frequently goes unmet.

Those comfortable with words often forget how hard it can be when you struggle.

No cramming for tests, and no final exam: 

Since LearnThatWord adapts to each student and keeps track of progress, learning is a continuous and ever-intriguing experience—genuine learning for life!  Rewards, diplomas, and prizes keep motivation high! 

The "cramming" effect: If students study their word lists on the morning of a test, their test scores reflect only the power of their short-term memories, instead of actual comprehension and retention. A "surprise test" given a few days later reveals that many of the words have faded from students' memories. 

Providing unlimited free access, LTW is an ideal tool for students who don’t have live tutors available to them. Accessible anytime/anywhere via the Internet. No commuting or geographic limitations.

Students need live interaction/audio feedback to memorize the words. If their parents don’t have time or are not proficient in English, such interactive tutoring may not be available to them. 

Performance is transparent! LTW tutors words in quick sessions, whether it takes three or many more reviews! 

Considerable time, money, and energy produce only a minimal level of new learning. 

Just a few minutes of efficient LTW tutoring per week produce reliable results. We liberate teachers, parents and students from laborious, boring and frustrating spelling list chores. 

Teachers report that spelling word lists and related tasks take up on average 2,5 hours per week of their precious classroom time.




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