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Learn English (ELL)

The long, colorful and now global history of English has made it a "wordy" language.

Mastering it needs a lot of study effort—no matter if you're learning English as a foreign language (ESL, ELL, EFL, ESOL...) or are a native speaker seeking to improve your skills.

Learning meaning, spelling convention, and pronunciation for all this—often irregular—English vocabulary requires substantial effort and the best support available.

English spelling and pronunciation is difficult even for native speakers to master. Some sources claim that 25% of all English words do not play by the rules and need to be learned through review and practice.

Considering the size of the challenge, you want to rely on the program that provides the best possible support.

We offer:

- Every English quiz is 100% personalized to your learning profile and needs.

- Study the words important to YOU, drawing on a fully edited database of 150,000 words (including audio, images, and translations in 37 languages!)

- After your free trial, choose between Pay-Per-Result or membership... get a quality solution at a great price!

- Earn rewards and diplomaswin prizes! Online English learning, just like off-line, needs to be done regularly, so we help you stay on track!

- Every dollar you invest in yourself supports our global literacy campaigns.


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Learn More Vocabulary Faster and More Reliably

If you are learning English through vocabulary workbooks you are probably good at spelling. However, you may not recognize spoken words when you hear them, or you may have no idea how to pronounce the words that you write so well.

If you study English mostly by hearing it in everyday life, your understanding and pronunciation is likely far stronger than your spelling skills.

LearnThatWord teaches pronunciation (American English) and spelling. We provide audio, images, translations of the word in 37 languages, context samples with audio, tutoring comments, and much more.


Our award-winning program is offered via Pay-Per-Result, meaning you only pay for measured learning results. Only if you learn a word that used to be hard for you with the help of our technology do we charge a learning credit (and they're really affordable).

Any time you log in, LearnThatWord a new customized learning session waiting for you, designed to meet your personal goals, skill level and focusing on your "problem words."

You can also add your own words for priority online study.

Join today and see for yourself!

If you are teaching ELL classes you can start a free school account with 100 free learning credits (only for registered schools with 10 or more students).