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About LearnThatWord


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7 - ODE answers

After every assessment review you're taken to our Open Dictionary of English, ODE. Our rich multimedia learners' dictionary gives you lots of opportunity to explore the word in more detail.

Spend time exploring the word, especially if you got it wrong!
Every little bit of information helps your brain form lasting connections.


The Open Dictionary of English offers:

Pronunciations from around the world
Interactive thesaurus
Hundreds of usage examples for each word
Idioms and limericks
Definitions from multiple sources
Translations in 37 languages
Synonyms, antonyms
Words that rhyme
Origin and root word information
Verb conjugations
Tutoring comments and trivia 
Integrated LearnThatWord tutoring

Open Dictionary of English --  short video introduction



Our free & ad-free dictionary is a human-edited collaborative project, designed to grow and improve every day.
You can vote content up and down, flag items for removal, or add/edit information. Your content is instantly available to you. Before it is made visible to everyone, it is reviewed by our editors.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to join our volunteer editorial team!


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