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About LearnThatWord


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5  Right answer

Any word you know at first review is tagged. LearnThatWord will not show this word again, so you don't waste time on busy work.

At LearnThatWord you don't earn points for getting something right. Nothing bad happens if you give a wrong answer. It's all about finding those words that need more review, so you can build a strong vocabulary!


Guess button

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If you don't know a word, it's best to click the I don't know button. Instead of guessing, the time is better spent on reviewing the answer screen with its rich information for the word.


Recycle button 

Recycle button

Answered right, but still feel unconfident? Add the word to your practice cycle anyway. Instead of clicking the next button, simply click the recycle button. 

Re-test preference



Would you like a second review for priority (added) words that you got right the first time around?

Simply request this feature on your preferences page (under my account) and click Save.




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