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Teacher Portal

Classes of

Create a new class

You can add an unlimited number of classes and add students to multiple classes.

This allows you to send words to groups of students as needed.

Class name Key #Students Archive
de7231 0 archived classes results report

Students of All Students

"All students" class shows all your students. It is created automatically by LearnThatWord.
Add new students to "All students" class first. Then add them to other classes you created.

Click on the usernames to see their individual performance.

This is a premium feature.

First Name Last Name Mode

This column shows the quiz mode taken in the last session.

S = Spelling quiz
V = Vocabulary quiz
V+S = Vocabulary quiz with spelling practice

Quiz Grade

See the current grade level used to select words for the quiz.

This number automatically advances as the student moves to the next higher level.

You can change this grade level if words introduced are too easy or too challenging for a student.

This change will not affect words already on a student’s practice word list.
Practice words can be disabled, if needed.


A green checkmark shows that the student has a premium account.

“Make premium” allows you to assign a license or tokens, or to purchase a premium upgrade for a student.

There are no students in this class