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12th grade word list

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Keywords/tags: vocabulary word list, spelling word list 12th grade, word list for twelfth grade, words 12th graders should know

Comments: The word list is roughly sorted by difficulty.
Subject: English vocabulary and spelling, 12th grade.
Grade Level: 12, 12th grade, twelfth grade.

Created: 06/28/2010

Modified: 06/28/2010

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List of Words:

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(part 1) (30 words)

adamant, accolade, adjuration, aesthetics, anathematize, allusion, androgyny, amplitude, anhydrous, animadvert, anode, anomalous, aphorism, apogee, apathetic, aquiline, argot, asymmetric, atavism, authoritative, attenuate, attrition, atypical, august, avow, bagatelle, bergamot, baroque, batik, betimes

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(part 2) (31 words)

biennium, bifurcation, bilingualism, blurb, boll, brusque, calcimine, canto, cantonment, brogue, bumptious, bulbous, Burgher, burin, cacophonous, cadenza, caitiff, cajolery, callow, cantata, caparison, carouse, cathode, caustic, censorious, centurion, cervical, chimerical, colossus, choreography, circumlocution

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(part 3) (31 words)

coeval, cogency, clangor, clarion, coddle, colloquy, coagulant, coalesce, coalescence, cohesion, collate, collier, convalesce, conciliate, comity, commissariat, consumptive, complaisance, compression, concatenate, concomitant, concordance, concurrence, condign, condone, confederacy, conscript, confluent, consanguineous, consign, consort

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(part 4) (31 words)

conspirator, consul, contradictory, contagion, contemn, contemptuous, contentious, contiguity, continence, continuance, contrivance, contumacy, contuse, corporeal, corpulent, coquette, corollary, coronet, corruptible, cosmogony, cosmopolitanism, coxswain, cull, declension, cryptogram, cyan, deleterious, debilitate, demonstrative, derogation, derrick

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(part 5) (31 words)

declamatory, delineation, deformity, demagnetize, demagogue, defalcate, desiccant, degeneracy, deist, despotism, diaphanous, diplomatist, demulcent, Demurrage, denunciation, deplorable, deponent, deportment, deposition, digraph, depreciation, derelict, derision, derivative, diacritical, Devilry, disavow, disavowal, diffident, desperado, desuetude

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(part 6) (31 words)

desultory, detrude, diatomic, dichotomy, didactic, diminution, dispensation, dispense, discontinuance, discountenance, dishabille, discrepant, disputation, disquiet, disrepute, dissension, dissentient, dissever, dissipation, dissonant, dissuasion, distaff, distemper, distention, diversity, divination, dogma, dolor, domesticity, domination, dowdy

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(part 7) (31 words)

drachma, dragoon, electrotype, ductile, dudgeon, duteous, dutiable, encyclical, ebullient, eccentricity, edify, effeminacy, effervescent, efflorescence, effluence, effluvium, effulgence, effuse, embolism, egotist, elevation, elide, ennoble, emaciate, encomium, emergent, empirical, emporium, epicycle, epiphany, evanescent

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(part 8) (31 words)

evangelical, Epizootic, entomology, entreaty, epicurean, espy, esquire, aesthetic, eugenic, eulogistic, eulogize, euphony, eureka, federate, exalted, expatriate, expectorate, expediency, expedite, expeditious, execrable, execrate, execration, exegesis, exigent, exiguous, expostulate, expostulation, expressive, extempore, extort

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(part 9) (31 words)

extradition, extrude, factious, foppery, farrier, felicitate, felicity, ferocity, fervid, festal, feudalism, fiduciary, filial, freethinker, flaccid, flamboyant, flay, flimsy, forecastle, foresail, forswear, forthright, furtively, furtherance, fusible, fusillade, futurist, galvanic, gelid, glutinous, grisly

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(part 10) (31 words)

guano, habiliments, histology, hegira, heterogeneous, inexpedient, intuition, inundation, inure, improvisation, incunabula, indemnify, indiscreet, indolence, indulgence, inebriate, ineffable, inexhaustible, infidel, infinity, inflammation, infusion, ingenue, ingratitude, innumerable, inquisition, inroad, insentient, insolence, introspect, introversion

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(part 11) (31 words)

instigator, integrate, intoxicant, interdict, interlocutor, interpolation, interposition, intestacy, ionization, judicious, inveigh, inversion, invidious, involution, irruption, isobar, iridescence, irksome, irradiate, irreducible, Irrefragable, jaded, jaundice, jocular, juridical, jurisprudence, lactation, lethargy, legislative, kinetic, knavery

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(part 12) (31 words)

lackadaisical, languor, latency, latish, laureate, laxative, leeward, licentious, licit, liege, lionize, litigious, littoral, leonine, levee, lexicography, liberalism, libertine, ligneous, lingual, linguistic, linguistics, lithesome, lithograph, loch, lode, luminescent, maudlin, mayhem, luxuriance, macadamize

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(part 13) (31 words)

magistracy, Maharajah, maleficent, malleable, mandibular, manumit, mawkish, mendicant, metaphysical, misogamy, microscopy, mellifluous, metonymy, mettlesome, merino, messieurs, metempsychosis, micrometer, milieu, militate, militia, monomania, ministration, minutia, misanthropic, missal, missive, modish, oblivion, molt, mordacious

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(part 14) (31 words)

monition, monsieur, moot, moribund, morphology, mortify, muffle, mufti, mulatto, muleteer, munificence, naphtha, nasalization, neural, neurology, nocturnal, necrology, necromancer, necropolis, necrosis, nether, obsequies, obsequious, niggardly, nihilist, nostrum, obsolescence, obstetrician, obstetrics, obstinacy, obstreperous

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(part 15) (31 words)

obviate, occlude, occult, odium, opalescence, opprobrium, optics, opulent, oratorio, oratory, orthodoxy, orthogonal, orthography, ostentation, outrigger, overture, pantheism, palette, palliate, paramour, peninsular, palpable, pamphleteer, pariah, parity, parse, patrimony, patronymic, pauperism, penitential, peccadillo

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(part 16) (31 words)

peccant, perspicacious, perspicacity, perspicuous, pertinacity, pervasive, pestilential, piscatorial, pedagogy, pedant, pedigree, peerage, peevish, pentameter, pentathlon, penury, perambulate, percipience, perforce, perversity, philander, pied, platitudinous, plenary, plethora, pogrom, posit, posse, posterior, potency, prattle

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(part 17) (31 words)

precipitant, precocity, predilection, predominant, prolix, promiscuous, propitiate, propound, proscribe, quizzical, rapprochement, ramify, rationale, recede, rejuvenescence, reparable, refection, reliquary, renunciation, reprobate, repugnance, retrench, reversion, rigmarole, rivulet, rococo, sacrosanct, saponaceous, salacious, salubrious, sapience

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(part 18) (31 words)

satirize, sentient, secede, sedulous, seismic, servile, sidereal, sinuosity, sirocco, solder, solstice, somnolence, sonorous, sordid, stagnation, submersible, temporize, tantamount, titian, threnody, ukase, unctuous, unmitigated, unwonted, vapid, venereal, viol, vivify, vociferate, counter-claim, aerostatics

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(part 19) (31 words)

withe, wittingly, ichthyic, ichthyosaurs, Artesian well, Arthurian, Augustinian, Baconian, Britannia, Decameron, dendrology, Elizabethan, irrefrangible, isochronous, monocracy, neocracy, neo-Darwinsim, neopaganism, Newtonian, Parisian, physiocracy, planisphere, polycracy, precedential, prehension, pseudonymity, Godunov, Gothenburg, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Hapsburg

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(part 20) (15 words)

immunosuppressant, Lothringen, Puccini, guillemet, bibelot, billiards, embrasure, grebe, hacienda, marmot, samovar, lariat, phonograph, runnel, saffron