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We're constantly working behind the scenes to improve LTW. Many of these things you'll notice as improved speed or better data for the words, but here a few noteworthy recent upgrades:

When you study via Vocabulary Tutor, you have the option to find a word based on definition/image/sample sentence before clicking the audio button. If you succeed, you are issued a bonus point, which is worth a nugget and also counts towards your diploma. With the latest upgrade, the word is no longer added to the practice list if you enter it incorrectly, since many times there are multiple right answers for a certain definition. Failed bonus word attempts are simply added to your preferred word list to be re-tested again in one of the future sessions.

If you are spending coins on your reward page, it will now prompt you to confirm that you want a particular item, since in the past sometimes members clicked at multiple items not aware that it would deduct coins for each activity. If you choose to get learning credits as your reward, you can see how many learning credits you have in your student portal now, even if you're a member.

And because members tend to take quizzes more frequently now that they are rewarded for it, we implemented a 6-hour wait list feature that prevents that words are moving through the practice cycle too quickly. LTW is based on the principle of spaced repetition, so we provide a few quick exposures in the first quiz, and future reviews should happen stretched over a time period that ensures the word is pulled from long-term memory, not short-term.

New feature: If quizzes are restarted in short sequence, practice words that have been presented before will not be shown again until six hours have passed since the last review. Words affected are listed in a 6-hour wait list table in your practice word page.

Our goal for LTW is perfection and our to-do list long... if you have feedback or ideas about what we could be doing better, please let us know!

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