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2008 is starting well for eSpindle: A few days ago we received a Learning Magazine’s 2008 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family.

Isn’t it pretty? 😉

At the same time the membership report came in. Overall, our membership revenues increased by 270%, and we fulfilled our goal of giving away 5,000 eSpindle scholarships to disadvantaged students in 2007.
These scholarships, once established, are kept live for as long as they are used by the student, giving an unparalleled tool for personal improvement to those struggling with vocabulary.

The most significant news for me personally was that the ratio of members who renewed beyond their first year term increased by nearly 9%; an improvement that is quite impressive, considering that even last year the majority of members decided to renew after the first year.

A big thank you to all those who have been part of building eSpindle – those who volunteered, contributed, provided feedback and believed in this unique project, especially those who provided precious support when eSpindle was nothing but a vision.

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