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Video: 1 min. introduction

About LearnThatWord


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2 - Quiz choices

Three LearnThatWord quizzes to choose from

VOCABULARY quiz: Learn a word's meaning by matching images or definitions with the word.
Spelling tutoring is an optional add-on for premium users. More details in the next step.

Spelling quiz optionsSPELLING quiz: Listen to the word, review the definition and sample sentence, then spell it. The preferred mode for Spelling Bee champions or if you want to focus on spelling.

COMBO quiz:
 Can you guess the right word based on definition and letter count? 



3 - Test-study concept

Test-study = reduced study time + better results!

Overwhelmed by your
word lists? Busy work
wastes time and energy!

We track what you know,
so you can focus on
 what needs practice!

Practice words are reviewed
until you get them right,
every time, forever.

Test-study visuals 1 Test-study visuals 2 Test-study visuals 3


Initially, some students may feel like they're taking an exam. It's important to understand that there are no negative consequences attached to making a mistake. Errors simply highlight what needs more review. LearnThatWord's adaptive algorithm maps out your knowledge base, identifies problem words, and schedules review accordingly.  

Students who are aware of the need to review something learn more and faster!
The direct feedback given in each session makes their studies much more effective.

4 - Vocabulary quiz

Let's take a closer look at the vocabulary quiz, the free quiz option. 
Spelling quiz and combo quiz focus on spelling and are premium features.

Smart quiz

Did it ever happen to you that you thought you had learned something, but had really only formed a pattern between the answer and the way the question looked?

Through an extensive, patent-pending process, we present your practice words in varying format and match it with different partners at every review.

Mousing over a field with audio icon plays the pronunciation. Click to make your selection.

Quiz variante image - words Quiz definition - words Quiz word - definitions

Pairing words with images...

 definitions with words...

 or words with definitions:

At every review, we present the question in a different format and with different alternates. This keeps your brain challenged.

This prevents false positives: The illusion that you know something, when you really just recognize the question format. The goal is to check for real understanding of the word, not a pattern associating the word with a static question.


Spelling tutoring

Spelling tutoring   

As an add-on, premium members
can add spelling tutoring to their vocabulary quiz.

1   Read the definition. Listen to
the word and sample sentence.

2   Enter the word.

3   Click submit. 


Mouse over the settings icon
in the lower pop-up bar
of the vocabulary quiz.

"All words":
Checks spelling for those words 
you knew instantly plus those that completed the review cycle.

"On practice list only":
Check spelling for words
you struggled with. 

Select "none" to turn spelling off.

Spelling practice is a premium feature.

   Activate spelling tutoring


Quiz structure


Each session is designed just for you.

1    added words

How we make the word list for your session

Words you (or your teacher) added are reviewed first. Depending on your performance, one of three things will happen with the priority word you reviewed:

a -  You got it wrong and it's added to your practice list for follow-up review.
b -  You got it right, and it's being set aside as known.
c -  You got it right, but since you selected "re-testing of priority words" in your preferences, you will be shown the word one more time at a future quiz.

2   practice list review

Next, we'll review words that you got wrong before. 
A practice word continues the practice cycle until you got it right three times in a row. 
Make sure you don't overload your account with added priority words. Allow time for this most important part of the quiz! Review practice words each session for largest benefit.

3   new words

Lastly, LearnThatWord introduces new words to you based on your goal settings.
You can review and change these in your preference settings.
If you only want to study your own word lists, select "my own word lists" as your personal goal. 



Send feedback

LearnThatWord and our Open Dictionary of English are open, collaborative projects.
We are committed to expand, evolve, and improve constantly.

Your ideas and feedback are always welcome and can be quickly submitted via the comment field, found during the quiz.

In the spelling and combo quiz, the comments button is right below the sample audio:

Comments button


5  Right answer


If you know a word at first review, LearnThatWord tags this word as known and doesn't show it again.

At LearnThatWord you don't earn points for getting something right.
Nothing bad happens if you give a wrong answer.
It's all about finding those words that need more review, so you can build a strong vocabulary!

Guess button

I don't know button

If you come to a word that you do not (yet) know,
simply click the I don't know button.

Instead of guessing, spend the time you save on reviewing the word info on the next page.

Recycle button 

Recycle buttonIf you answered right, but with a lot of guessing, it's best to add the word to your practice cycle anyway.

Instead of clicking the next button, simply click the recycle button. 

Re-test preference


Would you like a second review for priority words that
you got right the first time around?

Simply request this feature on your preferences page
(under my account) and click Save.


6  Wrong answer

Noticing that you get something wrong is a positive event, since it's the first step of your learning journey. Most traditional programs, however, stop here. The better ones provide a certain amount of practice, before abandoning the review. LearnThatWord is fundamentally different. 

Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve - LearnThat learning curve

We are committed to help every student learn every problem word by heart, every time.
Our adaptive algorithm provides spaced repetition and does not stop, until you got it. Before we remove a word from the practice word list, we look for proof that you're consistently giving the right answer.


Practice cycle 

A word gets on your practice cycle if:

-   you give a wrong answer,
-   you click  the I don't know button during the quiz,
-   you use the recycle icon on the answer screen.

How many times does a problem word need to be reviewed?

There is no fixed answer. Instead, we continue to practice the word with you and carefully track your answers. Once you get it right consistently, we remove the word from the practice list.

This spaced repetition supports learning and makes sure you really learned the word by heart.
Only then will you use it without hesitating and remember it for life.

Practice function

Practice your problem words to form lasting Mental Orthographic Images

If you got a word wrong, use the ODE answer screen to explore the word in great detail. Feed your brain as much information about the word as possible!

The word field allows you to practice the word hands-on, which helps with forming a Mental Orthographic Image (MOI).
When pressed, the word is removed, shown in a different color, spelled out letter by letter, then displayed in a new color. "Your turn" invites you to enter the word yourself. If you get it right, the word is shown in green. After a mistake the word appears in red, and the study cycle repeats. 

Second practice link

Spelling and combo quiz:

Spelling practice is automatically triggered if you enter the word incorrectly two times in a row.  

Otherwise you can start it voluntarily on the answer screen.


Where results count 

LearnThatWord focuses on one thing: results!

We are so focused on your results, that we offer you a way to get premium features and pay for results only. This is a great alternative to memberships for those who study in spurts, at a lower volume, or who simply like the feeling of paying only for measured results. Pay-Per-Result means you only pay a few pennies when you learned a word that used to be hard for you: A word that went through the full practice cycle successfully.

For more information, visit the checkout page at premium > pricing.


7  ODE answers

After every review, you're taken to our Open Dictionary of English, ODE.

Our rich multimedia learners' dictionary gives you lots of opportunity to explore the word in more detail.
Spend time exploring the word, especially if you got it wrong!
Every little bit of information helps your brain form lasting connections.


* video clips that show how the word may be used          

* images 

* 100s of sentences with audio 

* multiple definitions from different sources

* audio pronunciations from around the world 

* translations in 37 languages 

* tutor comments 

* root words contained in the word 

* synonyms/antonyms

* idioms 

* limericks & rhymes 

* virtual thesaurus 

* word origins/etymology 

* conjugations (verbs)

Click here for a brief introduction to the many features of the ODE:



Our free & ad-free dictionary is a human-edited collaborative project, designed to grow and improve every day.
Every user can vote content up and down, or flag items for instant removal.
You also have the option to add or edit many aspects of the page. Your content is instantly available to you, but undergoes a review process before going live for everyone.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to join our volunteer editorial team!

8  Other options


Set your native language in the student portal. 


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