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About LearnThatWord


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Literacy at work

Improvement in minutes a day

Helping employees grow is what moves great companies forward. 

Key to success is choosing a program that will fit everyone's busy schedule and that gives management transparency.

LearnThatWord adapts to your needs and the needs of your employees better than any other program. In contrast to classes or modular language programs, LearnThatWord is an ongoing program that builds lasting results in just a few minutes a day.

Custom tailored to your industry and business

Where to start? Why not with the words that are used every day in your industry, and words specific to your organization? LearnThatWord gives you the ability to prioritize the words you want your employees to know.

It's easy to get started, sponsor your employees' studies, and send high priority word lists to their account.
Performance reports are always just a click away!


In contrast to traditional literacy programs you don't have to commit to licenses for each employee, which can get expensive quickly.

You can now choose to only pay
for measured learning results!

There’s no charge for taking quizzes, premium features, or words already known. You only pay a few pennies when a former challenge word has been successfully learned. It’s an administrator’s dream come true! A 100% measured and documented return on your investment is guaranteed.

How Pay-Per-Result tokens work

A result (= 1 token) means a sponsored students has successfully completed his/her personal practice cycle for a word that was challenging at first attempt.

No matter if that student required 3 or 333 reviews to learn a challenging word long-term: we only deduct a token if the task was completed successfully and the student masters the word reliably.

Tokens are very inexpensive, can be shared within the organization, and never expire.

Every student starts out with 5 free tokens as a trial period, and basic tutoring is always free (click here to see our premium features).