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About LearnThatWord


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6 - Wrong answer

It's easy to think that errors are negative. At LearnThatWord, we appreciate them as the important first step of your learning journey. 

We are committed to help every student learn every problem word by heart, every time.
We don't stop until we see that you achieved this goal, assessing and reviewing word by word.

A word is removed from the practice word list when it shows that you're consistently getting it right.

Practice cycle 

A word goes on your practice cycle if:

-   you give a wrong answer,
-   you click the I don't know button during the quiz,
-   you use the recycle icon on the answer screen.

How many times does a problem word need to be reviewed?

There is no fixed answer. Instead, we continue to practice the word with you and carefully track your answers. Once you get it right consistently, we remove the word from the practice list.

This spaced repetition supports learning and makes sure you really learned the word by heart.
Only then will you use it without hesitating and remember it for life.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve - LearnThat learning curve

Practice function

Practice your problem words to form lasting Mental Orthographic Images

If you got a word wrong, use the Open Dictionary of English (ODE) answer screen to explore the word in great detail. 
Feed your brain as much information about the word as possible!

The word field allows you to practice the word hands-on, which helps with forming a Mental Orthographic Image (MOI).
When pressed, the word is removed, shown in a different color, spelled out letter by letter, then displayed in a new color. "Your turn" invites you to enter the word yourself. If you get it right, the word is shown in green. After a mistake the word appears in red, and the study cycle repeats. 

Second practice link

and combo quiz:

Spelling practice is automatically triggered if you enter the word incorrectly two times in a row.  

Otherwise you can start it voluntarily on the answer screen.

Where results count 

LearnThatWord focuses on one thing: results!

We are so focused on your results, that we offer you a way to get premium features and pay for results only. This is a great alternative to memberships for those who study in spurts, at a lower volume, or who simply like the feeling of paying only for measured results. Pay-Per-Result means you only pay a few pennies when you learned a word that used to be hard for you: A word that went through the full practice cycle successfully.

For more information, visit the checkout page at premium > pricing.


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