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List of suffixes ending in "ation"

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Keywords/tags: suffix, suffixes, root words, word roots, words ending in "ation"

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Description: This is a list of words ending with suffix "ation", meaning "action or process"..
Author: eSpindle Learning.
Subject: English vocabulary.
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Created: 11/19/2009

Modified: 11/19/2009

List of Words:

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(part 1) (30 words)

adumbration, perturbation, ratiocination, venation, bifurcation, derogation, delineation, dispensation, dissipation, divination, domination, elevation, execration, expostulation, inflammation, interpolation, inundation, ionization, lactation, ministration, ostentation, renunciation, stagnation, adjuration, denunciation, depreciation, disputation, improvisation, nasalization, aberration

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(part 2) (31 words)

acclimatization, altercation, approbation, asseveration, consternation, conflagration, conformation, defalcation, defamation, degradation, distillation, excitation, expiation, miscegenation, penetration, permutation, peroration, salutation, stipulation, spoliation, divagation, laudation, corroboration, depredation, meditation, revocation, tribulation, veneration, levitation, affirmation, annexation

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(part 3) (31 words)

appellation, condensation, commutation, configuration, denomination, derivation, dissertation, incantation, jubilation, negation, oration, ordination, proclamation, provocation, remuneration, signification, foreordination, innovation, mystification, reparation, abbreviation, abdication, abnegation, abomination, alienation, continuation, convocation, cremation, delectation, declamation, deprivation

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(part 4) (31 words)

determination, dissemination, exploitation, formation, incarnation, justification, limitation, moderation, nomination, trepidation, implication, acclamation, affectation, adoration, alteration, assassination, avocation, connotation, emigration, gestation, accommodation, adulation, affiliation, agglomeration, aggravation, alliteration, amplification, annihilation, annunciation, anticipation, aviation

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(part 5) (31 words)

capitalization, centralization, cessation, collaboration, complication, confrontation, conglomeration, consolidation, coronation, desperation, enunciation, exclamation, extermination, fabrication, fertilization, hallucination, initiation, immigration, inflation, liquidation, narration, numeration, rationalization, respiration, simulation, speculation, syncopation, syndication, variation, vegetation, violation

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(part 6) (31 words)

confederation, detonation, inspiration, intonation, vocation, accusation, arbitration, aspiration, cancellation, certification, computation, consolation, devastation, documentation, exoneration, germination, incorporation, mutation, oxidation, perspiration, probation, preservation, qualification, recommendation, revelation, sensation, solidification, sterilization, termination, fluctuation, equation

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(part 7) (31 words)

exaggeration, frustration, manipulation, temptation, experimentation, administration, application, appreciation, association, civilization, commendation, communication, condemnation, confirmation, conjugation, conservation, coordination, dedication, disintegration, duration, evaporation, fascination, gravitation, hesitation, hyphenation, illustration, imagination, installation, legislation, mispronunciation, modification

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(part 8) (31 words)

multiplication, negotiation, organization, propagation, pronunciation, registration, separation, specification, verification, vibration, decoration, admiration, celebration, circulation, combination, compensation, consideration, cooperation, corporation, demonstration, declaration, destination, discrimination, education, examination, expectation, explanation, exploration, generation, humiliation, identification

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(part 9) (31 words)

memorization, observation, obligation, occupation, operation, publication, quotation, recreation, situation, transportation, utilization, valuation, graduation, coloration, conversation, crystallization, foundation, information, notation, plantation, population, precipitation, preparation, punctuation, relation, reputation, regulation, constellation, creation, location, nation

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(part 10) (2 words)

station, vacation