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Production and Manufacturing - Core Vocabulary

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Comments: While I was going through, I found this list on production and manufacturing. I made it public, so that others like me can benefit from studying this list. In case there are missing words that are important, you can just modify the list. You can do so by clicking "modify list" and add those words up.
Description: Key words and phrases from the production and manufacturing industry. A must for both teachers and students who are focusing on English for the production and manufacturing industry..
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Created: 12/21/2009

Modified: 12/21/2009

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(part 1) (30 words)

material, assemble, assembly, assembly line, automation, auxiliary, backlog, bar chart, bar code, batch, load, bulk, production, by-product, colleague, consumption, defect, design, designer, profitability, expenses, plan, dynamometer, tester, electrostatic charge, endurance, energy, cost, equipment, purchase

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(part 2) (31 words)

factory, wrap, pack, packing, packaging, department, management, personnel, turnover, replacement, piece, item, manager, price tag, processing, method, produce, manufacture, producer, manufacturer, analysis, range, output, cycle, factor, index, planning, potential, price, process, faulty

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(part 3) (31 words)

flawed, feasibility, inspection, elevator, flowchart, lift, tag, progress, stock, industrial, espionage, plant, property, inflammable, innovate, innovation, innovative, input, know-how, label, laboratory, manual labour, scale, manufacturing, standard, ratio, volume, worker, productive, capacity, productivity

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(part 4) (18 words)

indicator, programme, schedule, control, project, prototype, certificate, quality control, sample, raw material, development, safety, inventory, chart, sequencing, shortage, spare part, program