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The Sign of the Beaver

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Keywords/tags: The Sign of the Beaver, book words, literature, reading, vocabulary, words with definitions, Elizabeth George Speare

Publisher: Yearling (July 1, 1984).
Author: Elizabeth George Speare.
Subject: English, Literature.
Isbn: 978-0440479000.

Created: 05/18/2010

Modified: 05/18/2010

List of Words:

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(part 1) (30 words)

abruptly, awe, beseeching, bewildered, blaze, blustering, boggy, boisterous, bounty, breechcloth, bustling, chagrined, chink, clamor, clumsiness, colonist, comradeship, concealed, contented, courteously, crude, deacon, deceive, despised, dignity, dimness, discomfort, disdainfully, dreaded, drowsiness

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(part 2) (31 words)

feat, fetch, finicky, flaunting, flimsy, flounder, forfeit, fragile, frantic, frisk, fury, garment, gleam, gleeful, glimpse, glint, glistening, glitter, gloating, gourd, grave, grimly, grin, grudgingly, halted, hastily, heathen, hobble, humiliation, hunch, impressive

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(part 3) (31 words)

incomprehensible, indignant, insist, intended, intricate, jabber, ladle, lamely, lug, meager, menacing, mocking, notch, ordeal, pace, peer, pelt, pesky, plead, prance, proclaimed, prowess, pungent, reckon, reproach, resolved, retort, ruefully, salvage, sapling, scoop

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(part 4) (28 words)

scornful, scowl, scrawny, shabby, shrug, snare, sober, solemnly, splicing, stalked, startled, stern, stockade, stoutly, stun, summon, swift, tramp, treaty, trudged, unhampered, ventured, waddle, warily, whacked, whittle, wield, withered