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List #: 6799

Created: 04/06/2011

Modified: 04/06/2011

Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)

List of Words:

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A first Uni (part 1) (30 words)

a cappella, a fortiori, a posteriori, a priori, aardvark, aardwolf, aba, abaca, abacist, abaculus, abacus, abalone, abandonment, abasia, abate, abatement, abatis, abattis, abaxial, ABB, abba, abdominous, abducent, abecedary, abele, aberrant, aberration, abient, abigail, abiogenesis

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A first Uni (part 2) (30 words)

abiotrophy, abjure, ablactate, ablation, ablative, ablaut, ablegate, ablution, abnegate, abomasum, aboral, aborigine, abortifacient, aboulia, abulia, abrade, abrasion, abreaction, abrogate, abruption, abscissa, abscission, abseil, absentee, absolutism, absquatulate, abstemious, abstinent, abstruse, abut

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A first Uni (part 3) (30 words)

abyssal, academic, acanthus, acariasis, acaricide, acarpous, acatalectic, acaudate, acaulescent, accelerator, accelerometer, accentor, acceptance, accessit, acciaccatura, accidence, accident, accidental, accipiter, acclivity, accolade, accommodation, accouchement, accouter, accoutre, accredit, accrescent, accretion, accrue, acculturation

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A first Uni (part 4) (30 words)

accumbent, accumulator, accusative, accusatorial, acephalous, acerate, acerbity, acerose, acervate, acescent, acetabulum, acetic, acetify, acetometer, acetone, acetous, acetose, acetyl, achene, Achilles, achlamydeous, achondroplasia, achromia, acicula, acidophilic, acidosis, acidulous, acierage, aciniform, acinous

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A first Uni (part 5) (30 words)

acinose, Acipenser, aconite, acotyledon, acousma, acoustic, acquire, acquittance, acquittance, acriflavine, acrimonious, acrodont, acrogen, acrolith, acromegaly, acrophobia, acropolis, acroscopic, actin, actinism, actinium, actinoid, actinometer, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, actinomycin, actinomycosis, actinotherapy, actuary, actuate

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A first Uni (part 6) (30 words)

aculeate, acumen, acuminate, acuminate, acupressure, acyclic, ad hoc, ad hominem, ad infinitum, ad interim, ad libitum, ad nauseam, ad valorem, adactylous, adamant, adaxial, addendum, additive, address, address, adduce, adduct, adduct, adeciduate, ademption, adenitis, adenoid, adenoma, adenopathy, adenovirus

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A first Uni (part 7) (30 words)

adherent, adhibit, adiabatic, adient, adios, adipose, adit, adjunct, adjuvant, admeasurement, adminicle, admonish, adnate, adnoun, adobe, Adonic, adonize, adoral, adoxography, adrenal, adrenergic, adscititious, adsorb, adulation, adumbrate, aduncous, adust, advection, advenient, adventitious

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A first Uni (part 8) (30 words)

adventive, adversative, advowson, adynamic, aedile, Aegilops, aegis, Aeolian, aeolian, aeolotropic, eolotropic, aeon, aepyornis, aeriform, aerobe, aerodynamics, aerofoil, airfoil, aerolite, aerology, aeromancy, aeromechanics, aerometer, aeronomy, aerophagia, aerophilately, aerophobia, aerophyte, erose, aerospace

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A first Uni (part 9) (30 words)

aerostat, aerotrain, aerugo, aesthesia, aesthete, aesthetic, Aesthetic, aestival, estival, aether, aetiology, etiology, afebrile, affect, affect, afferent, affidavit, affiliate, affiliate, affinal, affined, affinity, affirmation, affix, affix, afflatus, affluent, affranchise, affricate, affusion

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A first Uni (part 10) (30 words)

aficionado, aflatoxin, afterbirth, afterdamp, Aga, Agha, agalactia, agamic, agamous, agamogenesis, agamy, agape, agape, agape, agar-agar, agaric, agathism, agave, agenesis, agger, agglomerate, agglomerate, agglutinate, agglutinate, agio, aglet, aiglet, agley, agnail, agnate

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A first Uni (part 11) (30 words)

agnathous, agnomen, agnosia, agnostic, agon, agonic, agoraphobia, agouti, agraffe, agranulocytosis, agraphia, agrarian, agrestic, agriology, agrobiology, agrology, agronomy, agrypnia, aguardiente, ahimsa, aigrette, aiguille, aikido, ailanthus, aileron, ailurophile, ait, akinesia, akinesis, al dente

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A first Uni (part 12) (30 words)

ala, alabaster, alalia, alanine, alastrim, alate, alb, albacore, albedo, albescent, albino, Albion, albuginea, Albugo, albumen, albumin, albuminoid, albuminuria, alburnum, alcahest, Alcaic, alcalde, alcazar, aleatoric, aleatory, alecost, alegar, alembic, aleph, aleurone

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A first Uni (part 13) (30 words)

Alexandrine, alexandrite, alexia, alfalfa, alga, algarroba, algesia, algid, algolagnia, algology, algometer, algophobia, algorism, algorithm, alias, alibi, alidade, alienism, aliferous, aliform, aliment, aliment, aliphatic, aliquant, aliquot, alizarin, alkahest, alkalescent, alkali, alkalify

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A first Uni (part 14) (30 words)

alkalimeter, alkaline, alkalize, alkaloid, alkalosis, alkanet, allantoic, allantois, allegory, allele, allelomorph, allergen, allergy, alliaceous, allision, alliteration, allochthonous, allocution, allogamy, allograft, allograph, allomerism, allometry, allonge, allonym, allopathy, allophone, allotropy, alluvion, alluvium

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A first Uni (part 15) (30 words)

alma mater, almandine, almoner, almucantar, alnico, aloe, alogia, alogism, alopecia, alopecoid, alpenglow, alpestrine, alpha, alphanumeric, alphameric, ALT, altazimuth, alter ego, alterative, altercation, alternator, althaea, althea, altiloquence, altimeter, altissimo, altruism, alula, alum, alum

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A first Uni (part 16) (30 words)

alumina, aluminate, aluminium, aluminize, aluminous, aluminum, alumnus, alveolar, alveolate, alveolus, alvine, amadelphous, amah, amalgam, amandine, Amanita, amanuensis, amaranth, amaryllis, amative, amaurosis, ambages, ambergris, ambiance, ambience, ambidextrous, ambient, ambiguous, ambilateral, ambisinister

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A first Uni (part 17) (30 words)

ambit, ambivalence, amblyopia, ambo, ambrosia, ambry, ambsace, ambulant, ambulatory, ameba, ameloblast, amenable, amenity, amenorrhea, amenorrhoea, ament, amentia, amerce, americium, ametropia, amice, amicus curiae, amigo, amine, amino acid, amitosis, ammeter, ammonite, amnesia, amniocentesis

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A first Uni (part 18) (30 words)

amnion, amniotic, amoeba, amoretto, amorphous, amortize, amortizement, amour, amperage, Ampere, ampersand, amphetamine, amphibian, amphibious, amphibole, amphibolite, amphibology, amphiboly, amphibrach, amphigory, amphimixis, amphiprostyle, Amphisbaena, amphivorous, amphora, amphoteric, ampicillin, ampliative, amplitude, ampulla

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A first Uni (part 19) (30 words)

amygdala, amygdalin, amygdaloid, amylaceous, amylase, amyloid, amylolysis, amyotonia, Ana, ana, ana, Anabaptist, Anabas, anabasis, anabiosis, anabolic steroid, anabolism, anachronic, anachronism, anaclitic, anacoluthon, anaconda, anacreontic, anacrusis, anadem, anadiplosis, anadromous, anaemia, anaerobe, anaesthesia

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A first Uni (part 20) (30 words)

anesthesia, anaglyph, anagnorisis, anagoge, anal, analects, analecta, analemma, analeptic, analgesia, analgetic, analogous, analogy, analphabet, anamnesis, anamorphic, anamorphosis, ananas, ananym, anapaest, anapest, anaphora, anaphrodisia, anaphylaxis, anaplasia, anaplasty, anaptyxis, anasarcous, anastigmat, anastomosis

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A first Uni (part 21) (30 words)

anastrophe, anathema, anatocism, anatomy, anaudia, anchorite, anchoret, anchusa, anchylosis, ancillary, ancipital, andiron, androcentric, androcracy, androgen, androgyne, androgynous, android, androphobia, androsterone, anecdotage, anechoic, anele, anemia, anemometer, anemophilous, anencephaly, anent, anenterous, anergy

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A first Uni (part 22) (30 words)

aneroid, aneurin, aneurysm, aneurism, anfractuous, angary, angelica, angelology, angelus, angiitis, angina, angiography, angiology, angioma, angiosperm, Anglicism, Anglicism, angora, angostura, angst, angstrom, anguine, angulation, anhedonia, anhidrosis, aniconic, anil, anile, aniline, anility

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A first Uni (part 23) (30 words)

anima, animadvert, animalcule, animalculum, animatism, animism, animosity, animus, anion, anise, aniseed, anisometropia, ankh, ankus, ankylosis, anlace, anna, annates, annatto, anneal, annelid, annihilate, annuity, annul, annular, annulet, annulus, annunciate, annus mirabilis, anoa

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A first Uni (part 24) (30 words)

anode, anodyne, anoia, anestrus, anoestrus, anole, anomalistic, anomalous, anomaly, anomie, anomy, anon, anonym, anopheles, anorexia, anorthography, anosmia, anoxemia, anoxia, ansate, anschluss, anschluss, anserine, anserous, antacid, antebellum, antecedent, antedate, antedate, antediluvian

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A first Uni (part 25) (30 words)

antediluvial, antefix, antemeridian, antemundane, antenatal, antenna, antenuptial, antepenult, anterior, anthelion, anthelmintic, anther, antheridium, anthesis, anthology, anthophagous, anthophilous, anthophorous, anthozoan, anthracosis, anthrax, anthropocentric, anthropogenesis, anthropogeny, anthropogenic, anthropoid, anthropolatry, anthropology, anthropometry, anthropomorphism

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A first Uni (part 26) (30 words)

anthropopathy, anthropopathism, anthroposcopy, anthroposophy, Anthus, antibiosis, antibiotic, antibody, anticholinergic, anticlimax, anticline, anticyclone, antidromic, antigen, antihistamine, antilegomena, antilogarithm, antilogy, antimatter, antimony, antinomian, antinomy, antioxidant, antiparticle, antipathy, antiphlogistic, antiphon, antiphrasis, antipodes, antipruritic

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A first Uni (part 27) (30 words)

antipyretic, antistrophe, antithesis, antitoxic, antitrades, antitussive, antitype, antivenin, antivenene, antonomasia, antonym, antrorse, antrum, anuran, anuresis, anuria, anurous, anus, aorist, aorta, apagoge, apanage, apartheid, apathy, aperient, aperitif, apetalous, aphaeresis, apheresis, aphagia

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A first Uni (part 28) (30 words)

aphasia, aphelion, aphemia, aphesis, aphid, Aphis, aphonia, aphorism, aphotic, aphrasia, aphrodisiac, apian, apiary, apical, apiculate, apiculture, apivorous, aplasia, aplomb, apnea, apocalypse, apocope, apocrypha, apocynthion, apodal, apodeictic, apodictic, apodosis, apogamy, apogee

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A first Uni (part 29) (30 words)

apograph, apolaustic, apolitical, apologetics, apologia, apologist, apologue, apolune, apomict, apomixis, apopemptic, apophasis, apophthegm, apophysis, apoplexy, aporia, aposiopesis, apostasy, apostate, apostolic, apostrophe, apothecary, apothegm, apothem, apotheosis, apotropaic, appanage, apparatchik, appease, appellant

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A first Uni (part 30) (30 words)

appellate, appellation, appellative, appendage, appendant, appendicectomy, appendectomy, appendicle, appendix, apperception, appertain, appetence, appetency, appetible, appoggiatura, apport, appose, apposite, apposition, appraise, apprehend, apprise, apprize, approbate, approbation, appropriate, appropriate, approximate, approximate, approximate

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A first Uni (part 31) (30 words)

appulse, appurtenance, apraxia, apropos, apse, apsidal, apsis, apteral, apterous, apteryx, apyretic, aqua fortis, aqua regia, aquamarine, aquanaut, aquaphobia, aquarelle, aquatic, aquatint, aqueduct, aqueous, aquiculture, aquaculture, aquiferous, aquiline, arête, arabesque, arable, arachnid, arachnoid

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A first Uni (part 32) (30 words)

arachnology, arachnophagous, araneid, araneidan, araroba, araucaria, arbalest, arbalist, arbiter, arbitrage, arbitrament, arbitrary, arbitrate, arbor, arboraceous, arboreal, arboreous, arborescent, arboretum, arborical, arboriculture, arboriform, arborist, arborize, arborous, arbuscle, arbustum, arbutus, arc-boutant, archaean

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A first Uni (part 33) (30 words)

archean, archaeolatry, archaeology, archeology, archaeopteryx, archeopteryx, archaeornis, Archaeozoic, archeozoic, archaic, archebiosis, archetype, archiepiscopal, archil, orchil, archimage, archimandrite, archipelago, architectonic, architrave, archives, archizoic, arciform, arcuate, areca, arenaceous, arenicolous, arenose, aerography, areography

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A first Uni (part 34) (30 words)

areola, areology, Areopagus, aretalogy, argal, argali, argent, argil, argol, argon, argonaut, argosy, argot, argus, Argus, argute, aria, arid, arietta, ariose, arioso, arista, aristarch, arithmancy, armadillo, Armageddon, armature, armiger, armillary, armoire

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A first Uni (part 35) (30 words)

armorial, armory, arnica, arpeggio, harquebus, arrack, arraign, arrant, arrant, arras, arrhythmia, arriviste, arrogate, arrondissement, arroyo, arsenal, arsis, artefact, arterial, artery, artesian, arthralgia, arthritis, arthropod, articular, articulate, articulate, artifact, artifice, artisan

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A first Uni (part 36) (30 words)

arum, arundinaceous, Aryan, as, as, asafetida, asafoetida, asbestos, asbestosis, ascendancy, ascendency, ascendance, ascendence, ascendant, ascendent, ascender, ascertain, ascetic, ascidian, ASCII, ascites, asclepiad, ascribe, asepsis, asexual, ashlar, asinine, asomatous, asperate, asperge

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A first Uni (part 37) (30 words)

Aspergillus, asperity, asperse, aspersorium, aspherical, asphodel, asphyxia, aspirant, aspirate, aspirate, aspirin, asportation, assay, asseverate, assibilate, assiduity, assign, assignation, assignee, assignment, assignor, assigner, assimilate, assize, assonance, assuage, assuetude, assumpsit, assumption, assurgent

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A first Uni (part 38) (30 words)

astasia, astatic, astatine, asteria, asterial, asteriated, asterism, asteroid, asthenia, asthenopia, asthenosphere, astigmatism, astomatal, astomatous, astragal, astrakhan, astral, astraphobia, astringe, astringent, astrogate, astrogony, astrolabe, astrolatry, astrology, astrometry, astronautics, astrophile, astrophysics, astute

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A first Uni (part 39) (30 words)

astylar, asymptomatic, asymptote, asynchronous, asyndeton, asynergy, asynergia, asystole, atactic, ataghan, ataraxy, ataraxia, atavism, ataxaphasia, ataxy, ataxia, atelectasis, atelier, ateliosis, atheling, athenaeum, atheroma, athetize, athetosis, atmogenic, atmometer, atmospherics, atoll, atom, atomic

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A first Uni (part 40) (30 words)

atomism, atonal, atone, atonic, atrabilious, atrament, atraumatic, atresia, atrial, atrichia, atrium, atrophy, atropine, attachment, attain, attainder, attaint, attar, attemper, attenuate, attenuate, attestation, attic, attorney, attrahent, attrition, atypical, au courant, au fait, au gratin

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A first Uni (part 41) (30 words)

aubade, auctorial, audile, audiometer, audiophile, audit, auditory, Augean stables, augment, augment, augur, august, August, Augustan, auk, aularian, aulic, aura, aural, aureate, aureity, aureole, aureola, Aureomycin, auric, auricle, auricular, auriculate, auriferous, auriform

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A first Uni (part 42) (30 words)

aurify, Auriga, aurochs, aurora, aurous, aurulent, auscultate, auslaut, auspice, austere, austral, autacoid, autarchy, autarky, autecology, autism, auto-da-fé, autochthon, autoclave, autocrat, autodidact, autoecious, autoeroticism, autoerotism, autogamy, autogenesis, autogenous, autognosis, autoimmune, autolatry

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A first Uni (part 43) (30 words)

automation, automaton, automotive, autonomy, autophyte, autoplasty, autopsy, autosome, autostrada, autotelic, autotomy, autotrophic, autotype, auxesis, auxin, avant-garde, avant-garde, avatar, avaunt, aventurine, aver, average, averruncate, averse, avian, aviculture, avifauna, avionics, avirulent, avitaminosis

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A first Uni (part 44) (22 words)

avocation, avocet, avow, avulsion, avuncular, awn, axenic, axil, axilla, axiology, axiom, axolotl, axon, axunge, ayah, ayatollah, aye-aye, Azimuth, azoic, azote, azoth, azygous