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AWL - Academic Word List

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Keywords/tags: AWL, Academic word list, academic vocabulary, academic word list

Comments: The Academic Word List (AWL) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The list contains 570 semantic fields which were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English (the General Service List), thus many of the words are specific to academic contexts. However, a significant percentage of the vocabulary contained within the AWL is of general use; it is simply not of high enough frequency to be contained within the General Service List.
Description: Academic Word List.
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Created: 09/18/2011

Modified: 04/28/2012

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List of Words:

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(part 1) (30 words)

analysis, approach, area, assessment, assume, authority, available, benefit, concept, consistent, constitutional, context, contract, contract, create, data, definition, derived, distribution, economic, environment, established, estimate, estimate, evidence, export, factor, financial, formula, function

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(part 2) (30 words)

identified, income, indicate, individual, interpretation, involved, issue, labor, labour, legal, legislation, major, method, occur, percent, period, policy, principle, procedure, process, process, required, research, response, role, section, sector, significant, similar, source

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(part 3) (30 words)

specific, structure, theory, variable, achieve, acquisition, administration, affect, affect, appropriate, appropriate, aspect, assistance, categories, chapter, commission, community, complex, complex, computer, conclusion, conduct, conduct, consequence, construction, consumer, credit, cultural, design, distinction

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(part 4) (30 words)

elements, equation, evaluation, features, final, focus, impact, injury, institute, investment, item, journal, maintenance, normal, obtain, participation, perceived, positive, potential, previous, primary, purchase, range, region, regulation, relevant, resident, resources, restricted, security

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(part 5) (30 words)

sought, select, site, strategies, survey, survey, text, traditional, transfer, transfer, alternative, circumstances, comment, compensation, component, consent, considerable, constant, constraint, contribution, convention, coordination, core, corporate, corresponding, criteria, deduction, demonstrate, document, dominant

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(part 6) (30 words)

emphasis, ensure, insure, exclude, framework, funds, illustrated, immigration, implies, initial, instance, interaction, justification, layer, link, location, maximum, minorities, negative, outcome, partnership, philosophy, physical, proportion, published, reaction, registered, reliance, removed, scheme

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(part 7) (30 words)

sequence, sex, shift, specified, sufficient, task, technical, technique, technology, validity, volume, access, adequate, annual, apparent, approximate, approximate, attitude, attribute, attribute, civil, code, commitment, communication, concentration, conference, contrast, contrast, cycle, debate

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(part 8) (30 words)

despite, dimensions, domestic, emerge, error, ethnic, goal, granted, hence, hypothesis, implementation, implication, imposed, integration, internal, investigation, job, job, label, mechanism, obvious, occupational, option, output, overall, parallel, parameters, phase, predicted, principal

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(part 9) (30 words)

prior, professional, project, project, promote, regime, resolution, retained, series, statistics, status, stress, subsequent, sum, summary, undertaken, academic, adjustment, alter, amendment, aware, capacity, challenge, clause, compounds, conflict, conflict, consultation, contact, contact

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(part 10) (30 words)

decline, discretion, draft, enable, energy, enforcement, entities, equivalent, evolution, expansion, exposure, external, facilitate, fundamental, generate, generation, image, liberal, license, licence, logic, marginal, medical, mental, modified, monitoring, network, notion, objective, orientation

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(part 11) (30 words)

perspective, precise, prime, psychology, pursue, ratio, rejected, revenue, stability, style, substitution, sustainable, symbolic, target, transition, trend, version, welfare, whereas, abstract, abstract, accurate, acknowledged, aggregate, aggregate, allocation, assigned, attached, author, bond

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(part 12) (30 words)

brief, capable, cite, cooperative, discrimination, display, diversity, domain, edition, enhanced, estate, exceed, expert, explicit, federal, fee, flexibility, furthermore, gender, ignored, incentive, incidence, incorporated, index, inhibition, initiative, input, instructions, intelligence, interval

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(part 13) (30 words)

lecture, migration, minimum, ministry, motivation, neutral, nevertheless, overseas, preceding, presumption, rational, recovery, revealed, scope, subsidiary, tape, trace, transformation, transport, transport, underlying, utility, adaptation, adult, advocate, advocate, aid, channel, chemical, classical

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(part 14) (30 words)

comprehensive, comprise, confirmed, contrary, contrary, converted, couple, decade, definite, deny, differentiation, disposal, dynamic, eliminate, empirical, equipment, extract, extract, file, file, finite, foundation, global, grade, guarantee, hierarchical, identical, ideology, inferred, innovation

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(part 15) (30 words)

insert, insert, intervention, isolated, media, mode, paradigm, phenomenon, priority, prohibited, publication, quotation, release, release, reverse, simulation, solely, somewhat, submitted, successive, survive, thesis, topic, transmission, ultimately, unique, visible, voluntary, accommodation, analogous

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(part 16) (30 words)

anticipated, assurance, attained, behalf, bulk, cease, coherence, coincide, commence, incompatible, concurrent, confined, controversy, conversely, device, devoted, diminished, distortion, duration, erosion, ethical, format, founded, inherent, insights, integral, integral, intermediate, intermediate, manual

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(part 17) (30 words)

mature, mediation, medium, military, minimal, mutual, norm, overlap, passive, portion, preliminary, protocol, qualitative, refine, relaxed, restraint, revolution, rigid, route, scenario, sphere, subordinate, supplementary, suspended, team, temporary, trigger, unified, violation, vision

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(part 18) (30 words)

adjacent, albeit, assembly, collapse, colleague, compiled, conceived, convinced, depression, encounter, enormous, forthcoming, inclination, integrity, intrinsic, invoke, levy, likewise, nonetheless, notwithstanding, odd, ongoing, panel, persistent, posed, reluctant, so-called, straightforward, undergo, whereby