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Since 2013 the National Spelling Bee includes an additional vocabulary component.

It is now no longer enough to spell well, you also need to pass a tests that quizzes you on what words mean. 

This is why we recommend to work on words up to grade 12 by using the VOCABULAR quiz:


You can activate spelling practice on the toolbar that is available at the bottom of the page during the quiz. Spelling tutoring is a premium feature.

How to select spelling practice in the vocabulary quiz

Naturally, the benefit of studying words so intensively is multiplied by you study both meaning and spelling.

No matter if you end up as a Spelling Bee champion, you'll certainly end up winning! 

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2 Responses to How to Ace the Vocabulary Component of the Spelling Bee

  1. tpeevey says:

    i can’t turn writing practice off, what should i do?

    • admin says:

      Please contact support through the link in the top right. Not sure what you mean by writing practice… Do you want to omit the spelling part? If your goal is to win the Spelling Bee, the spelling part is actually the most important component for your studies…

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