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In our last email, we talked about what it takes to join the Spelling Bee champions. I introduced some of the features of the Spelling Bee module you're enrolled in, and how you can change the grade level to skip over very easy words.

In addition to following the Spelling Bee module, you can also request your own words. There are lots of lists in our word list archive, or you can create your own.

Activating a list from the word list archive

If you search for Spelling Bee, SpellIt, Hexco or any other related term into the word list archive, you'll find hundreds of lists. You might also type in German, Arabic, Greek, Latin, etc. to find lists of words that have that particular origin. This helps your brain form clear patterns through practice.

The number of words and the lists ranking helps you select the right list. Click on the list name and click "add this list" for the first chapter. This list is now bookmarked in your portal and LearnThatWord will work on it with you.

Create your own list

You can also add your own list with a few clicks. This is especially useful if you're at the early rounds and were given a specific list from which words will be selected.

Simply enter them and activate the list for personalized study.

Practice cycle


Every time you start a new quiz, you will be taken through your personal practice words. Reviewing these words regularly is key to learning them in long-term.

In a hurry?
Want to see all the words in a large list at least once before starting to practice them?

Simply switch the order in which words are presented in your preference tab (under "my accounts"). This "cramming mode" is only recommended for special situations, because the real learning progress comes from going through your practice words regularly until you learned them.

Vocabulary/Spelling quiz

As a premium member you can activate spelling tutoring as part of the vocabulary quiz. This way, you study the meaning of words first (which you'll need at the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.) and this is then followed by checking your spelling skills.

You activate this in the toolbar that pops up at the bottom of the page during vocabulary quizzes. Select "all words."


Lastly, you can make further adjustments, like turning the feedback sound on or off, on your preferences page.

For questions with our program we're always available via live chat, too!

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