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Video: Why vocabulary matters

Video: Who uses it

Video: What people say
Rewards and prizes!

All three quizzes now use mobile-ready html5 and are integrated with our Open English Dictionary, for an improved answer page and user experience. The format has been condensed and the tab key functionality expanded. This means, it is now easier to navigate the quiz, even on tablets or smart phones.

For us, this is also the first step for creating LearnThat apps.

The biggest changes happened in the vocabulary quiz.
Here, we moved away from the multiple choice format, and to a format that is closer to the combo format.
It requires a more active knowledge of the word, and more creative effort on behalf of the user--both crucial parts of language learning.
It is more interesting and more challenging than the former pick-and-click multiple choice format, but still doesn't require the user to spell the word letter by letter.

Watch our short intro here:
New vocabulary quiz

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