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Billie Sue Fischer, Media Liaison, [email protected]
Rosevita Warda, Executive Director, [email protected]

LearnThat Foundation Quick Facts:

Parent-initiated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2004.

Individualized online vocabulary and spelling practice for all ages and skill levels at

Unlimited free tutoring available, premium features via membership or our innovative Pay-Per-Result concept (PPR).

Methodology based on cognitive psychology and neuroscience to make words stick, creating confident readers, writers and spellers.

Based on LearnThat Foundation's own Open Dictionary of English, a collaborative multi-media learner's dictionary.

ODE offers audio, video clips, word translations in 37 languages, large format color photographs, hundreds of sample sentences with audio per word, multiple definitions, tutoring comments and other word-related information, and is open to user input.

Vocabulary Junction provides free premium tutoring to 2nd and 3rd grade students in public and tuition-free schools.

Meets NCLB standards and effortlessly integrates with curriculum materials through large word list archive.

Teachers save on average 3.5 hours per week when they delegate vocabulary and spelling words to LearnThatWord.

Winner of a Parents' Choice Award and a Teachers' Choice Award for the Family.

Nominated "Innovation company" by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in 2008 and 2011.

Name change from eSpindle Learning to LearnThat Foundation in 2011.

Free Resources:

LearnThatWord offers unlimited free tutoring, and premium features for a membership fee.

Media partners my request LearnThat memberships as prizes or media give-aways.

Every new account is given 5 free tokens to experience premium features on a trial basis. Schools may request 100 additional tokens when starting a new account.

Vocabulary Junction offers free premium tutoring to second and third graders in the U.S. and Canada.

Interesting free content:

A detailed root word directory, including list of suffixes 
Fun trivia about the English language and learning on our blog.
One of the largest word list archive on the Web
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Quotes relating to literacy and learning

Press releases:

2011/4/12 CODiE finalist in two categories
2011/1/25 LearnThatWord Joins Google Apps Marketplace for Education
2010/09/23 Launch of Vocabulary Junction
2010/05/10 LearnThat Foundation offers SaaS for lexical data
2009/10/06 Word Cup Launches at Frankfurt Book Fair’s “LitCam Live!”
2009/03/10 Put a New Spin on Summer with Spell-Bound Fundraising
2009/03/10 La Linea helps LearnThatWord students boost verbal proficiency
2008/09/05 US Retiree in Philippines Wins 2008 Word Cup
2008/06/11 Free Vocabulary Tutoring for all SF Bay Area's 3rd Graders
2008/03/12 Speaks Up... With LearnThatWord's Voices
2008/02/21 LearnThat Foundation Finalist for CODiE Award
2008/01/29 LearnThatWord wins Teachers' Choice Award
2007/12/07 Global Word Cup Invites All Ages for Free Tryouts
2006/04/10 Parents' Choice Award 2006
2005/11/20 First Online Forum for Spelling Bee Contestants
White Paper Research Based Tutoring of English Spelling
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